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Scilab is a scientific software package for numerical computations providing a powerful open computing environment for engineering and scientific applications. Developed since 1990 by researchers from INRIA and ENPC, it is now maintained and developed by Scilab Consortium since its creation in May 2003.
Distributed freely and open source (see the license and the trademark license) via the Internet since 1994, Scilab is currently being used in educational and industrial environments around the world. A number of toolboxes are available with the system. Scilab has been built using a number of external libraries.
Euclid, MuPAD
O-Matrix for Windows is an interactive analysis and visualization tool that combines the programming flexibility and performance of a compiled language with the ease of use and functionality of an integrated environment.
is an iterated and recursive acronym for GiNaC is Not a CAS, where CAS stands for Computer Algebra System. It is designed to allow the creation of integrated systems that embed symbolic manipulations together with more established areas of computer science (like computation- intense numeric applications, graphical interfaces, etc.) under one roof. It is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU general public license (GPL).
<http://www.ginac.de/> <http://www.ti.com/calc/docs/cabri.htm>
The REDUCE  Computer Algebra System
<http://www.uni-koeln.de/REDUCE/reduce3.5docs.html> <http://home.worldnet.fr/~gauvain/> <http://www.macsyma.com/>
The GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System is an easy to use data analysis environment based on the powerful GAUSS matrix language.
<http://www.aptech.com/> <http://www.timberlake.co.uk/software/ox/ox.htm> <http://www.nuff.ox.ac.uk/Users/Doornik/>
Sets and Relations Infinity and Induction Sequences of Numbers Series of Numbers Topology Continuity and Differentiation
<http://www.shu.edu/projects/reals/index.html> <http://www.mathacademy.com/cgi-bin/link_top_main.cgi?type=keyword_soft_0&key=software&submit=submit>
by Nina Amenta of the Geometry Center (World Wide Web interface by Paul Burchard via W3Kit)
<http://www.geom.umn.edu/apps/kali/about.html> <http://www.ufr-mi.u-bordeaux.fr/A2X/Logiciels.html>
Macaulay 2 is a computer software system designed to support research in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, whose creation has been funded by the NSF. It is a successor to Macaulay, which was written by
Giac/xcas  logiciel libre de calcul formel
Bernard Parisse, Institut Fourier Thème Physique Mathématique Université de Grenoble I
Giac/Xcas est un systeme de calcul formel libre (donc gratuit) pour Windows, Mac OSX et Linux/Unix. Il offre un mode de compatibilité avec maple, mupad et les TI89. Il est disponible sous forme de logiciel (interface graphique ou texte au choix) ou comme une bibliothèque pour programmer en C++.
Euler is a numerical laboratory with a programming language. The system can handle real, complex and interval numbers, vectors and matrices. It can produce 2D/3D plots. Included is a programming language. All versions are freeware and open source under the GNU general license. Euler is
The Gnumeric spreadsheet is part of the GNOME desktop environment: a project to create a free, user friendly desktop environment. As every other component of GNOME, Gnumeric is free software (Some other people like to call this OpenSource software) and it is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL.
s a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It provides a convenient command line interface for solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically, and for performing other numerical experiments using a language that is mostly compatible with Matlab. It may also be used as a batch-oriented language.
<http://www.octave.org/> <http://mirrors.ccs.neu.edu/GAP/gap4/> <ftp://ftp.cs.utexas.edu/pub/boyer/nqthm/index.html>
Benjamin Shults
<http://www.cs.wcu.edu/~shults/FTP/IPR/> <http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/qr/QR-software.html>
a program for computing finite semigroups
Jean-Eric Pin
est un programme écrit en php
Charles Cordier et Frédéric Bonnaud
The Magma Computational Algebra System for Algebra, Number Theory and Geometry
Magma is a large, well-supported software package designed to solve computationally hard problems in algebra, number theory, geometry and combinatorics. It provides a mathematically rigorous environment for computing with algebraic, number-theoretic, combinatoric and geometric objects.
ARIBAS is an interactive interpreter for big integer arithmetic and multi-precision floating point arithmetic with a Pascal/Modula like syntax. It has several builtin functions for algorithmic number theory like gcd, Jacobi symbol, Rabin probabilistic prime test, factorization algorithms (Pollard rho, elliptic curve, continued fraction, quadratic sieve), etc.
a programming language for numerical analysis.
SIMATH is a computer algebra system, especially for number theoretic purpose.
GeoGebra est un logiciel dynamique de mathématiques réunissant géométrie, algèbre et calcul.
Si Java 1.4.2 (ou plus) est installé sur votre machine, vous pouvez démarrer GeoGebra tout de suite.



re's a very simple



Dominik Gruntz, Kathrin Meier, Michael Monagan Institute for Scientific Computation ETH Zürich March 12, 1992



Réalisations informatiques  de la communauté française de calcul formel
Materials available on the Mathematics Archives are classified into five main categories: Topics in Mathematics, Software, Teaching Materials, Other Math Archives Features, Other Links.
<http://archives.math.utk.edu/> <http://www.geom.umn.edu/external/software.html> <http://forum.swarthmore.edu/shareware/shareware.by.topic.html>
miscellaneous mathematics packages. It mainly consists of libraries.
<http://hpux.cs.utah.edu/hppd/hpux/Maths/Misc/alpha.html> <http://hpux.cs.utah.edu/hppd/hpux/Maths/LinAlgebra/alpha.html> <http://www.wolfram.com/products/mathreader/download.cgi> <http://www.intesoft.com/> <http://www.alphaWorks.ibm.com/> <http://www.maths.usyd.edu.au:8000/u/magma/> <http://www.geom.umn.edu/external/software.html> <http://forum.swarthmore.edu/shareware/shareware.by.topic.html>
Large-integer code Software packages ...
<http://www.perfsci.com/> <http://www.omatrix.com/>
<http://www.cs.twsu.edu/~chou/ge.html> <http://www.adminet.com/graticiels/#corres> <http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/graphviz/> <ftp://info.mcs.anl.gov/pub/Otter/> <http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Center/3899/> <ftp://ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de/pub/math/pari/>
GALP - calculer le
MicroLathe/MiniMovie Image Program
<http://www.winsite.com/info/pc/win3/desktop/lathe151.zip/> <http://www.geom.umn.edu/software/WebEQ/download/frames.html>
pour l'apprentissage des mathématiques
Réalisations informatiques  de la communauté française de calcul formel
Materials available on the Mathematics Archives are classified into five main categories:Topics in Mathematics, Software, Teaching Materials, Other Math Archives Features, Other Links.
MIDEVA - A faster replacement for MATLAB. Includes m-files interpreter, debugger, editor, optimizer, compile to exe and to DLL. Compatible with MATLAB. MIDEVA - A faster replacement for MATLAB. Includes m-files interpreter, debugger, editor, optimizer, compile
(Construction et démonstration) (J. Gressier)
multiple precision math package for Tcl



Electronic Sources  for Mathematics___



F. Bayart
Geolabo est un logiciel qui permet de tracer des figures mathématiques, de les modifier librement, de les animer, de les importer et de les exporter librement vers d'autres applications, ou sur le web!
Geoweb est le complément internet de GeoLabo. Il permet la visualisation des figures créées sous GeoLabo dans une page web tout en gardant le côté dynamique des figures.
<http://www.bibmath.net/geolabo/index.php3> <http://www-groups.dcs.st-andrews.ac.uk/~history/Java/index.html>
A "wet X" is a one-dimensional soap film connecting the corners of a rectangle with some liquid in the interior of the film. The film tries to shrink to minimum length, subject to a constraint. The constraint
Fonctions de 2 variables, Itérateur quadratique, Attracteur étrange de Henon, Attracteur d'une famille de contractions, Ballade chez Platon, Mini Compilateur GCcompiler ...
Proof Viewer, Propositional Formula Transformer
Son of BirdBrain is an interactive web page that allows
Here is a one-dimensional quadratic parametrized curve x^2+c. Given a point x, f(x) is its iterate under function f. The dynamics of f is understanding what happens to points after successive iterates.
One-Dimensional Iteration applet written by Evelyn Sander with the help of Packer Layout written by Daeron Meyer.
<http://www.geom.umn.edu/java/iteration/> <http://www.intergalact.com/java/nbody/nbody.html>
This applet is designed to teach students how bin widths (or the number of bins) affect a histogram.
a non-commercial Java 1.1 applet by Martin Kraus
This site
Faites des maths  avec Java
173 applets Java pour les mathématiques (niveau secondaire).
<http://www.ies.co.jp/math/java/index.html> <http://www.geom.umn.edu/java/Kali/>
WebStat, A
<http://www.stat.sc.edu/~west/javahtml/index.html> <http://wwwvis.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/~kraus/LiveGraphics3D/index.html>
Function Plotter, Family Plotter, ontinuity Checker, Derivative Checker, Root Finder (Finds the roots (zeros) of a function using either Newton's or Bisection Method.), Numeric Integrator
<http://home.t-online.de/home/khartlage/source.htm> <http://www.fi.uu.nl/wisweb/en/welcome.html>






Michael WesterThis article can be found in Computer Algebra Systems: A Practical Guide (1999).



<liens_math.html> <http://www.geom.umn.edu/external/graphics.html>
GAMS NIST Guide  to Available Mathematical Software
<http://gams.nist.gov/> <http://robotics.stanford.edu/~suresh/theory/software.html>

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