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Réseaux de Neurones - Neural Networks

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is an independent research institute of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, located in Germany.



CRIN-INRIA Lorraine RFIA department.
Austrian Research Institute  for Artificial Intelligence (ÖFAI)
The neural networks group at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence was founded in 1987 and today is one of the largest and most renowned neural network research groups in Austria. It is involved in several European and national research projects and is the managing node for Austria in the European network of excellence Neuronet
provides advanced training and research experience for graduate students interested in the neural and computational principles, mechanisms, and architectures that underlie human and animal behavior, and the application of neural network architectures to the solution of outstanding technological problems.
Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition  and Neural Process Cognition
Carnegie Mellon University
NeuroSys combines a relational database with a set of powerful computational tools for the analysis of structure-function relationships in nervous systems.
A.B. Kogan Research Institute for Neurocybernetics at Rostov State University was founded in 1972 by professor Alexander B. Kogan.
Neural Net Components in an Object Oriented Class Structure
BYU Neural Networks  and Machine Learning Laboratory
Lab Director - Tony Martinez
N 1986, AN interdisciplinary PhD program was established at Caltech to study problems arising at the interface between neurobiology, electrical engineering, computer science, and physics.
Welcome to the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science (IRCS), site of the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center for Research in Cognitive Science.
The ESPRIT III Basic Research project Neural Adaptive Control Technology (NACT) is a joint undertaking of Daimler-Benz (Berlin, Germany), Coordinating Partner, and Glasgow University (Glasgow, Scotland, UK). It is a three-year project, which started in April 1994, and is funded by the Commission of the European Communities. The project closed in March 1997.
Département de Biologie
Artificial Neural Networks  and Computational Brain Theory Group
An interdisciplinary graduate and faculty discussion group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, addressing issues in neuroscience, cognitive science, and distributed artificial intelligence, which concern the functional design of the nervous system and the construction of large-scale, biologically inspired artificial neural network systems.
Neural Networks,  Connectionist Systems, and Neural Systems
areas/neural/systems/FTP sites for neural networks include ftp.cs.cmu.edu:/afs/cs.cmu.edu/project/connect/code/ funic.funet.fi:/pub/sci/neural/ [] archive.cis.ohio-state.edu:/pub/neuroprose/ []
The Salk Institute  for Biological Studies
The Salk Institute is a private, non-profit, research organization located in La Jolla, California. Scientists here are dedicated to fundamental research in biology and its relation to health, studying such challenging problems as the organization and operation of the brain, the control of gene activity, and the molecular origins of cancer, AIDS, and other diseases.
Electronic sources of information
An Introduction  to Neural Networks
Dr. Leslie Smith Centre for Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Department of Computing and Mathematics University of Stirling.
Version from September 3, 1998 This document is something of a backprop FAQ,...
The complete Electronic Statistics Textbook can be downloaded for quick access from your local hard drive.
Many concepts related to the neural networks methodology are best explained if they are illustrated with applications of a specific neural network program. Therefore, this chapter contains many references to STATISTICA Neural Networks (in short, ST Neural Networks, a neural networks application available from StatSoft), a particularly comprehensive neural network tool.
The NEC Research Institute conducts long-term, fundamental research in computer and physical sciences. It is fully funded by its parent company, the NEC Corporation. The Institute publishes all of its work in the open literature and encourages scientific collaborations with other research organizations.
UTCS Neural Nets  research group
Our research concentrates on artificial intelligence and cognitive science, including natural language processing, episodic memory, schema-based vision, self-organization in the visual cortex, and neuro-evolution in sequential decision tasks such as game playing and robotics
David Olmsted's  site for Multivalued Logic Neuro-Computing
Have you ever wondered how new and significant ideas are generated by the human brain? This company thinks it has solved this mystery and is rapidly applying this knowledge to the construction of synthetic geniuses that are capable of human level discovery, invention, and artistic creativity.
Device for the  autonomous generation of useful information
Le circuit Ariane The Ariane chip 64 neurones binaires, réseau de Hopfield avec apprentissage interne.
Sparky's Artificial  Neural Networks Page
The Neural Computing  Research Group
at Aston University is part of the Division of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. The Group currently comprises one Professor, two Readers, two Lecturers, seven Postdoctoral Research Fellows, a Personal Assistant, a full-time research programmer, and eleven PhD research students. Its research effort is focussed on the theory and applications of neural networks and related techniques.
Artificial Neural Networks,  Cognition and AI
Wlodzislaw Duch & Norbert Jankowski Department of Computer Methods
was founded with the belief that learning is at the core of the problem of intelligence, both biological and artificial. It is the gateway to understanding how the human brain works and for making intelligent machines. The Center for Biological and Computational Learning (CBCL) at MIT studies the problem of learning within a multidisciplinary approach.
Here some information is collected on the pattern recogntion research area. Suggestions and contributions are welcomed.
Artificial Neural Networks  in High Energy Physics
We try to provide here a central source of information on applications of neural network techniques to experimental high energy physics.
Univ. Bristol.  Computational Intelligence Group.
Our interests cover sub-symbolic approaches to machine intelligence, with special emphasis on learning and vision problems.
Neural Network  Research Group
Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
JNNS was funded on July 1988, and is an academic society in regards to Brain and Nerve Networks, Neural Networks, Neuro Computer and etc.
APNNA Asian Pacific  Neural Network Assembly
Evolutionary computing is one of the most important emerging technologies of recent times. EvoNet has been set up to encourage co-operation between all those involved in this activity in Europe.
Neural Networks  Research Centre Helsinki
University of Technology
WEBSOM  - Self-Organizing Maps for Internet Exploration
The Hopfield Net Homepage
<http://www.cs.cf.ac.uk/User/Hopfield/index.html> <http://www.supelec-rennes.fr/acth/net/debuter.html> <http://www.demo.cs.brandeis.edu/pr/DIBA/>



Supélec héberge ce serveur WEB sur son campus de Rennes. Alexandre Rouxel; en assure la gestion.
www.ewh.ieee.org  EEE Neural Network Council Home Page
www.jair.org  JAIR
(ISSN 1076-9757) covers all areas of artificial intelligence (AI), publishing refereed research articles, technical notes, expository and survey articles, and special issues.



Statistical Study of Artificial Neural Networks Demonstrations using Java applets and GIF-animations Artificial Neural Networks and Artificial Life
Neural Networks with Java Skript Datenkommunikation SS96
Machine Learning and Case-Based Reasoning Home Pages
Universität Würzburg Institut für Theoretische Physik III (Computational Physics)
Associate Professor of Computer Sciences, the University of Texas at Austin.
Neural Network  Compression Research
Neural Network Model Used - Random Neural Network Source Code (in C++) - Still Image Compression Research - Video Compression Research
<http://www.ee.duke.edu/~cec/research/neuralcompression/index.html> <http://solon.cma.univie.ac.at/~neum/> <http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~jrs/>
Department of Biological Science (Associate Professor, Ph.D., St. Louis University, 1985)
Assistant Professor Department of Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Northwestern University
Computational Neuroscience
RBF neural networks: introduction, Matlab code, user manual.
Institute of Robotics and System Dynamics, Robotic Systems
<http://www.robotic.dlr.de/Smagt/> <http://www.stern.nyu.edu/~aweigend/> <http://www.etl.go.jp/~akaho/> <http://exodus.mit.edu/~jesse/>






Esprit Project 9811 Case studies of successful applications
This page describes various linear-programming-based machine learning approaches which have been applied to the diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer.
<http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~olvi/uwmp/cancer.html> <http://www.ocgy.ubc.ca/projects/clim.pred/index.html>
is an informal organization of environmental scientists who use artificial intelligence techniques in their work. If you work in forestry, remote sensing, meteorology, oceanography, agriculture, hydrology, waste management, or related fields, you should be interested in AIRIES.
Neural networks are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative statistical modelling tool. In a nutshell, they are capable of capturing non-linear relationships between input (predictor) variables and output (predictand) variables.



Mathematica Packages



This page is devoted to the exchange of information between users and developers of the GENESIS neural simulator.
NEURON The simulator for empirically-based, biologically-realistic models of nerve cells and neural networks.
Neuralog is a customization of the program Analog, by John Lazzaro and Dave Gillespie, that can be used for entering neural circuits into your computer. spike is a fast event-driven simulator, written by Lloyd Watts, optimized for networks of spiking neurons.
The Chipmunk distribution is offered with the GNU license._
<http://www.pcmp.caltech.edu/chipmunk/pickup/pickup.html> <http://neuron.duke.edu/>
We build brains, use ours to help yours
Enjoy live Neural Networks in Java applets. Examine their work changing various configurations and parameters.
Welcome to the Swarm Simulation Toolkit! The Swarm software is available to the general public under GNU licensing terms. Swarm is experimental software, which means that it's complete enough to be useful but will always be under development.
Since the FAQ maintainer works for a software company, he does not recommend or evaluate software in the FAQ. The descriptions below are provided by the developers or distributors of the software.
<ftp://ftp.sas.com/pub/neural/FAQ5.html#A18> <ftp://ftp.scs.unr.edu/pub/cbmr/nevpropdir/SOURCE/>
a small example program
<ftp://cns-ftp.bu.edu/pub/fuzzy-artmap.tar.Z> <ftp://risc6000.dibe.unige.it/pub/MBPv1.1.tar.Z> <ftp://cs.ua.edu/pub/neudl/NeuDLver021.tar> <http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/1624/> <ftp://ftp.cs.utexas.edu/pub/neural-nets/software/>
DISCERN is a large, modular neural network system for reading, paraphrasing and answering questions about stereotypical (script-based) stories.
<http://www.ee.duke.edu/~cec/research/RNN/RNN++.v1.0.tar.gz> <http://dragon.rau.ac.za/sparky/code.html>
The following are cheap (or even free) neural network simulators that run on MS-DOS and/or MS- Windows (including Windows NT). This is not an extensive list, just a collection of useful packages we found on the internet. Our group is by no means connected with the authors of these programs. Use them at your own risk!
<> <http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/win95/neural.html>
Cortex-Pro A general purpose neural network simulation environment. The Probabilistic Random Access Memory (pRAM-256) A neurocomputer with on-chip learning.
<http://www.mth.kcl.ac.uk/cnn/products/> <ftp://ftp.imag.fr/archive/neural/>
Delve is a standardised environment designed to evaluate the performance of methods that learn relationships based primarily on empirical data. Delve makes it possible for users to compare their learning methods with other methods on many datasets.
Version 4.0 of the Xerion neural network simulator (also known as the University of Toronto Simulator Uts) is now available as a Beta release, free of charge to both industry and academic researchers.
<http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~xerion/> <http://www.alumni.caltech.edu/~ingber/>
A prototype of a neural network description language with a C++ - like syntax currently limited to backpropagation neural nets. There is enough flexibility in the language, though, to allow users to create dynamic neural net configurations. The source is written in C++.
<ftp://cs.ua.edu/pub/neudl/NeuDLver02.tar.gz> <http://diwww.epfl.ch/lami/team/michel/neural/tutorial/french/mlpc/index.html>
Title Browser
Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks and Learning, Image Processing and Vision, OCR and Handwriting.
Maintained by Bob Duin Delft Pattern Recognition Group
<http://www.ph.tn.tudelft.nl/PRInfo/software.html> <ftp://ftp.irisa.fr/> <ftp://ftp.inria.fr/>



SOURCES ... net.java geoNeuron.java More applets here
Java applets
- TRAVELLING SALESMAN PROBLEM using Kohonen neuronal networks.
- LET NET FILL-UP using Kohonen neuronal networks.
- JANET A Java Neural Network Toolkit.
is an artificial neural network written entirely in Java. Currently it implements only one GMDH algorithm, but it can be used for prediction and modeling purposes with good results.
<http://unet.univie.ac.at/~a9404026/home.htm> <http://www.aist.go.jp/NIBH/~b0616/Lab/index-e.html>
DemoGNG, a Java applet, implements several methods related to competitive learning. It is possible to experiment with the methods using various data distributions and observe the learning process.
We use an elastic net for fitting of charged particles trajectories with multiple scattering and breaks on wires.
<http://nuweb.jinr.dubna.su/LNP/NEMO/nemoiiiN.html> <http://nuweb.jinr.dubna.su/LNP/NEMO/tspN.html> <http://www.aist.go.jp/ETL/~akaho/MixtureEM.html>
L'applet originale a été écrite par Olivier Michel.
<http://diwww.epfl.ch/lami/team/michel/neural/tutorial/french/general/applet.html> <http://diwww.epfl.ch/lami/team/michel/neural/tutorial/french/rbf/applet.html> <http://diwww.epfl.ch/lami/team/michel/neural/tutorial/french/gaussian/applet.html> <http://blitz.ec.t.kanazawa-u.ac.jp/~nova/java/nova_applets/vq/index.html> <http://besaya.unican.es/~acobo/FN/FunctionalNetworks.html> <http://raphael.jolly.free.fr/spoke/> <http://perso.wanadoo.fr/agerodol/hopfield/hopfield_applet.html>



de réseaux de neurones Prédiction, classification, modélisation



<http://wwwipd.ira.uka.de/~prechelt/NIPS_bench.html> <ftp://ftp.cs.utoronto.ca/pub/neuron/delve/>



Mark J. L. Orr - Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh, 2, Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9LW, Scotland April 1996
Dr. Leslie Smith Centre for Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Department of Computing and Mathematics University of Stirling.
format html
Bernd Fritzke Systems Biophysics
This report has the purpose of describing several algorithms from the literature all related to competitive learning.
The complete Java source code as well as a postscript version of this document may be accessed by ftp.
Methods used to create intelligence.



Programmable VLSI Systolic Processors for Neural Network and Matrix Computations
<ftp://mantraftp.epfl.ch/mantra/ienne.thesis.ps.gz> <ftp://mantraftp.epfl.ch/mantra/viredaz.thesis.ps.gz>
Intégration VLSI d'un réseau de Hopfield de 64 neurones : modèle formel, conception et réalisation.



Dr Kevin Gurney. Download a text version to print out.



GENES IV:  A Bit-Serial Processing Element for a Multi-Model Neural-Network Accelerator
A systolic array of dedicated processing elements (PEs) is presented as the heart of a multi-model neural-network accelerator.
The notes available online have have formed the basis of a book to be published later this year by UCL Press Ltd. UK.
Approaches Methods  used to create intelligence.
In the quest to create intelligent machines, the field of Artificial Intelligence has split into several different approaches based on the opinions about the most promising methods and theories.
Martin Stemmler
... A generalized reinforcement-learning model: Convergence and applications...
UTCS Neural Nets  Publication Abstracts
Papers are listed in the standard bibliographic order (i.e. alphabetically by author(s), year, title). They are available in one or more of the following formats:
<http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/nn/pages/publications/abstracts.html#mayberry.sardsrn.ps.Z> <ftp://ftp.nj.nec.com/pub/giles/papers/>
PI-849 : Wavelets in identification.  wavelets, splines, neurons
<http://www.irisa.fr/EXTERNE/bibli/pi/pi849.html> <ftp://archive.cis.ohio-state.edu/pub/neuroprose/>



UTCS Neural Nets  Publication Abstracts
Papers are listed in the standard bibliographic order (i.e. alphabetically by author(s), year, title). They are available in one or more of the following formats:



A searchable and browsable index of neuroscience resources available on the Internet: Neurobiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology, cognitive science sites and information on human neurological diseases.
Netlib is a collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases.



This is the first of seven parts of a monthly posting to the Usenet newsgroup comp.ai.neural-nets (as well as comp.answers and news.answers, where it should be findable at any time).
<ftp://ftp.sas.com/pub/neural/FAQ.html> <ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet-by-group/news.answers/ai-faq/neural-nets/>



Getting Started with the MCM ...
a scientific research company, founded in 1992, is dedicated to creating true Implantable Intelligence. BYKOM is engaged in extensive research and development efforts within the biological, medical and industrial automation industries.
Neural Networks -- The Answer to Your Analytical Needs!™



This page will provide general information about neural networks as well as more specialized subjects on the electronic implementation.
<http://www.eeb.ele.tue.nl/neural/neural.html> <http://www.aist.go.jp/NIBH/~b0616/Links.html>
Applications Bibliographies Books Commercial Conference Announcements Courses Home Pages Information Journals Jobs Mailing Lists Medicine Projects Research Groups and Projects Research Software Talks and Tutorials
This page will provide general information about neural networks as well as more specialized subjects on the electronic implementation.
List of Electronic Sources of information
<http://www.pitt.edu/~pwm/nn.html> <http://neural-server.aston.ac.uk/NN/index.html> <http://www.supelec-rennes.fr/acth/net/net.html>

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